In Hermosillo, Mexico, where NAI operates four of its plants, employees had selected the Manuel Rios y Rios Elementary School in Colonia Villa Hermosa to provide service and support. The initial phase included painting classrooms, doors and fences, the basketball court and ramps for the disabled. They also cleaned the roofs and the football field and did some gardening. Later...

While many of us have heard the term "fiber optics" or "optical fiber technology" to describe a type of cable or a technology using light, few of us really understand what it’s all about. Here we describe the basics about optical fiber technology, its purpose, features, benefits, and where we use it today. Discover more about NAI Group's Cable Assemblies for Fiber Optics

There are many variations for the pre-terminated meaning in the context of cable assemblies. In one sense, all cable assemblies are pre-terminated. This article will use “pre-terminated” or “preterm” to describe cable assemblies that are terminated at one end, and spooled onto a crate reel on the other end, for installation in the field.

When selecting a manufacturer for cable or box build assembly, it's very important to look at the design services the manufacturer offers. Even if you have a build-to-print design already completed, a good assembly manufacturer can offer design enhancements, alternatives, and other suggestions to:
  • lower the manufacturing cost
  • ensure quality and performance to spec
  • speed up the delivery

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