There are many variations for the pre-terminated meaning in the context of cable assemblies. In one sense, all cable assemblies are pre-terminated. This article will use “pre-terminated” or “preterm” to describe cable assemblies that are terminated at one end, and spooled onto a crate reel on the other end, for installation in the field.

Many companies need a complete custom interconnect solution to meet their specific electromechanical design and application needs, whether for a full pre-terminated enclosure or a control panel assembly. The solution may incorporate a variety of components. Those components can include one or more:
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Enclosures
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Panels

When selecting a manufacturer for cable or box build assembly, it's very important to look at the design services the manufacturer offers. Even if you have a build-to-print design already completed, a good assembly manufacturer can offer design enhancements, alternatives, and other suggestions to:
  • lower the manufacturing cost
  • ensure quality and performance to spec
  • speed up the delivery

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