For decades, many NAI customers have required a more complete custom interconnect solution – one incorporating terminal blocks, enclosures and panels, along with other devices and components. Today, NAI offers box build assembly and panel build assembly capabilities to design and manufacture just about any electro-mechanical unit you can imagine.

Block Assemblies, Box Build Assembly & Panel Builds

NAI provides complete box builds and box build assembly, terminal block assembly and assemblies with custom control panels, within the scope of our electromechanical design and assembly operations.


Varying levels of assistance are offered at NAI for the design of a box build assembly and panel build assemblies, including custom control panels. We offer scalable product design engineering services to suit your exact needs in arriving at an optimum design for your electro-mechanical assembly, whether you provide a print, or we design the unit from ground-up.

Our expert global procurement teams and superior manufacturing capabilities are unmatched and will ensure the product is built correctly with components that offer the greatest possible cost efficiencies. Dedicated work areas and production teams provide consistency in manufacturing, expert assembly operations and optimal workflows, following our stringent Quality Management Program.

Box Build Assembly
Each box build assembly is made to exact customer specifications. Our design and procurement experts can often optimize the design and reduce costs.

Panel Builds 
Assemblies are also configured to our customer’s exact specifications for custom control panels, with design and procurement services available.

Terminal Block Assemblies
Block assemblies for electrical and/or electronic service can be provided as standalone assemblies, or as part of a larger box build to save time and costs.

Components & Accessories

NAI’s custom electro-mechanical solutions for customers typically incorporate feed through terminal blocks, enclosures, specialty connectors and other components for electro-mechanical assembly, such as a box build assembly, electrical panel assembly, or custom control panels. Whatever your connectivity solution requires, NAI will design and manufacture it to exacting specifications. A sampling of some of the components that NAI can source and incorporate into your assembly include:

  • Enclosures & NEMA cabinets
  • Custom panels
  • Terminal blocks
  • Brackets
  • Fans
  • Switches
  • Patch panels and patch panel cabinets
  • Sensors
  • Connectors
  • I/Os
  • LEDs
  • Power supplies
  • PCBs
  • Fuses

NAI can procure any box design you require, including NEMA cabinets and cable enclosure boxes that meet weatherproofing and IP57 or IP67 standards for harsh factory environments or outdoor use.

Connectors & Strain Reliefs
Hundreds of connector types and strain reliefs are utilized in the many thousands of assemblies manufactured at NAI. We utilize a wide variety of standard or custom connectors for fiber optic, copper and power cable.

Switches & Patch Panels
A box build assembly can incorporate any switch device required in the design of custom control panels, as well as any patch panels or splitters.

Fan assemblies, heat sinks, or other cooling devices can be incorporated into any box build design.

Power Supplies
Any type of power supply can also be included in the box or panel build design.

Molded Components
NAI can add any molded components to the assembly, such as connectors, strain reliefs, boots, ferrules, bushings and more. These can often be molded internally at NAI, otherwise they are procured by our global sourcing team.

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