NAI utilizes a large variety of cables and connectors, along with other products and components, in its manufacturing operations. NAI’s Global Sourcing Team specializes in obtaining high-value products and components required for the cable assemblies we manufacture. Internal manufacturing capabilities complement our global procurement to provide quality assurance and substantial cost savings.

Global Sourcing

NAI’s Global Sourcing and Procurement teams have a global footprint that drives competitive costs and develops key sources of supply throughout the world. Our Global Sourcing Team identifies alternative cable assembly, harness, enclosure, block and other components that meet and exceed project specs and provide substantial cost savings. They work closely with Engineering and Design teams to ensure all alternate solutions meet the customer’s fit, form and function.


This unique NAI operation is flexible and nimble in response to customer needs, allowing NAI to ramp up rapidly for new projects.

A Global Distribution Center in Nogales, AZ, incorporates Kanban and vendor managed inventory services.


At NAI, there is a major focus on reducing cycle time and integrated material component planning.


Materials & Components

Supply Chain Partners

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