Leading Cable Assembly Manufacturer Leader NAI Acquires KSM Electronics

Personalized Engineering Services for Custom Cable Assemblies

Leading Cable Assembly Manufacturer Leader NAI Acquires KSM Electronics

NAI, a leading cable assembly manufacturer, has recently announced that it  has acquired KSM Electronics. The company also appointed Brian Strauss, who has over 30 years of experience in global manufacturing and process industries, as Chief Executive Officer. All of this is exciting news for customers worldwide!

As another key player in the custom cable assembly industry, KSM Electronics has similar cable assembly manufacturing capabilities to NAI’s. These synergies enhance everything the company does. But each cable assembly manufacturer has its own unique strengths, opening the door to new possibilities. Combined with a new company, NAI can offer even more in terms of global coverage, capacity, and market capabilities.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about KSM Electronics and how you could benefit from this major acquisition.

Who Is KSM Electronics? A Cable Assembly Manufacturer & Industry Leader

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturers image for KSM Electronics blogKSM is one of the country’s top manufacturers of custom cable assembly, wire harness assembly, electromechanical assembly, and box build assembly. Founded in 1975, the company has strategic international locations, along with the subject matter expertise, agility, and buying power to build nearly any cable assembly product.

It all starts with an idea. KSM Electronics offers a full menu of engineering services, from R&D, CAD, and electromechanical design to prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D printing. Its manufacturing services are equally robust, spanning wire harness assembly, electromechanical assembly, box build assembly, cable assembly, custom over-molding and potting, and ultrasonic metal welding.

In addition to being an agile designer and manufacturer of custom cable, harness, and electromechanical assemblies, KSM is a renowned distributor of cable and electronic components including specialized products like hi-flex robotic and servo motor cables.  This capability adds a dimension of access to components during this difficult supply chain era.

Two Custom Cable Assembly Leaders, One World-Class Interconnect Solutions Provider

KSM perfectly complements NAI’s custom electromechanical design, engineering, and cable assembly manufacturing capabilities, as well as its product focus on fiber optics and copper cable interconnects. These include mechanical cable assembly, cable harness assembly, panel assembly, box build assembly, and associated components for high-performance systems.

And now, with the addition of KSM’s capabilities, NAI can also help organize and streamline your inventory management with optional Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Not only does this eliminate back-end management headaches. It also speeds up processing and ordering and gives you volume pricing advantages without increased inventory. All of which frees up time to focus on your core business.

Top 3 Advantages of The KSM Acquisition

NAI's Global FootprintNAI’s reputation as a world-class custom interconnect manufacturer is built on technical leadership and operational excellence. Our agility and scalability allow us to be proactive, take on any custom cable assembly project, and get to work quickly. Combining our strengths with those of KSM Electronics will enable us to adapt even more nimbly to your project needs, no matter how complex, urgent, or distant.

Hard to believe? The top 3 advantages of choosing NAI are listed below, demonstrating how this acquisition has strengthened NAI’s interconnect solutions. 

1. Expanding Our Global Footprint

Businesses across the globe rely on NAI to provide custom interconnect solutions anywhere, anytime. A world-class supply chain and global footprint make this kind of reliability possible while providing convenient logistics and ensuring uninterrupted deliveries. These are among the reasons why NAI is one of the leading custom cable assembly manufacturers with a global footprint.

Leveraging Strategic Locations for Our Global Footprint

Similarly, KSM has multiple strategic locations globally, mapped out to meet accelerated delivery schedules. Adding them to our existing footprint will increase all the benefits that come with global coverage: access to a wider range of custom cable products, greater shipping options, competitive pricing, reliable on-time delivery, faster turnaround, local service and suppliers, and more.

2. Strengthening and Broadening Our Interconnect Solutions Expertise

KSM and NAI Acquisition BenefitsNAI’s global reach and flexible operational and manufacturing models make it a top-tier interconnect solutions provider to companies in a range of industries. NAI products are used in a wide variety of industry-specific applications, all of them critical to life, safety, or communication.

NAI mainly focuses on industrial technologies, medical devices and equipment, telecommunications, and data networking. KSM Electronics, in addition to industrial technologies, medical, and other markets served by NAI, also focuses on aerospace and defense, avionics, energy, military and marine industries. By joining forces, we are broadening and deepening our market expertise across industries, particularly military/defense, aerospace/avionics, marine, security, and transportation.

Offering More Cable Harness Support for Various Applications & Technologies 

This has significant implications in terms of the applications and technologies we can support. In aerospace, these include, for example, cable harnesses for “super first class” cabins; wire harnesses for anti-collision systems, antenna cables, and radar systems; and ground communication systems to assist in pilot navigation.

We are also adding ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registration. ITAR regulations control the export and import of defense-related products and services. An interconnect manufacturer that is ITAR-compliant has several advantages: more opportunities for defense contracts, tighter data security, stricter quality assurance, and peace of mind.

3. Customizing the Professional Cable Assembly Experience

KSM has a consultative style, which fits with NAI’s collaborative approach to engineering and a high degree of customization. Input from NAI’s customers helps meet exact specifications for critical applications in industrial technologies, medical, telecommunications, and other industries that need high-performance connectivity and communications.

When you partner with NAI on your next cable assembly project, you can expect even more individual attention, as the KSM acquisition expands our sales team with inside service and applications support. NAI and KSM also share a commitment to quality and employ stringent quality control measures. This commitment is reinforced by a common culture of continuous improvement.

Why Choose NAI as Your Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer?

KSM and NAI Cable Assembly ManufacturersNAI’s acquisition of KSM Electronics creates a new, even stronger company, offering more reasons than ever to outsource the design and development of your interconnect requirements to NAI. You now have access to the resources, experience, and capabilities of two world-class providers rolled into one.

With the full resources of KSM in our arsenal, we are also becoming even more agile. While most contract assembly manufacturers struggle to accommodate both high volume / low mix orders and low volume / high mix orders, our combined companies are set up to scale to any project… and do it quickly. New project launches and changeovers face fewer obstacles, even when crossing borders.

Ask the Experts about Your Custom Cable Assembly Project

NAI’s in-house manufacturing and global procurement teams typically enable cost savings and provide greater value. With KSM, NAI now has even more robust manufacturing capabilities, more services to provide, and greater access to components, technologies, and suppliers. 

And because there is no compromising on quality when it comes to your mission-critical applications, both NAI and KSM are steadfastly committed to a stringent QMS program and continuous improvement. Get in touch with the experts at NAI to unlock the amazing potential we now have in store. 

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