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NAI is a global leader in the manufacturing of advanced high-reliability connectivity solutions for mission critical and other high-performance applications. Our world class integrated supply chain and operations management, combined with a global footprint in lower cost regions, provide our customers with a unique solution for all their connectivity requirements.

As a custom interconnect solutions company, NAI has been manufacturing custom cable assemblies, harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies across diverse markets, including telecom, wireless, data, industrial technology and medical industries. Our unique ability to service both high mix / low volume and low mix / high volume programs as a cable assembly house, while complying with complex regulatory requirements, enables us to support customers’ unique business needs with fiber optic, copper or hybrid connectivity technology solutions.


We employ sophisticated project tracking tools, production and quality measurements throughout the manufacturing process for every order. Therefore, we provide customers with world class quality and service metrics and ensure process and product reliability for its connectivity technology solutions.


Customers use NAI as an interconnect solutions company because we are extremely agile, we provide significant design and product capabilities, maintain a global footprint and are supported with a strong financial position to fund new projects quickly. Our custom interconnect solutions inspire confidence among our customers, and among their customers as well. This is our story of competencies and competitive advantages as a cable assembly house that will benefit your next custom interconnect project.

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Fiber Optic
Connectivity Solutions

As a full service interconnect solutions company, NAI’s manufacturing capabilities for fiber optic cable interconnects include a long list of fiber optic products. We are a leading cable assembly house, and fiber interconnects are an integral part of our product offering.  They are used for 4G LTE and 5G infrastructure projects by wireless contractors and carriers all over the world, and are utilized in hyperscale data centers supporting companies like Amazon, Google and others. For medical applications, we also provide world class white rooms in our Gaylord, Michigan; Hermosillo, Mexico; and Suzhou, China facilities, as well as state-of the-art proprietary testing software for optical products.


Fiber optic cable options include Ribbon, Single Mode, Multimode, Simplex, Duplex and Hybrid. In addition, we can produce pre-terminated assemblies for faster and easier installation in the field.

Copper Connectivity

With decades of experience manufacturing copper interconnects, we provide a full range of assembly house capabilities, from basic patch cords to complex harness assemblies. Although some may consider us to be a connector house or a connector company, we source copper assembly components, which can include any of hundreds of cables, connector types, as well as a variety of other components, such as strain reliefs, terminal blocks, boots, enclosures and more, in addition to providing in-house molding capabilities.


Copper cable options include Hook-up Wire, Coaxial, Cat. 5, Cat. 5e, Cat. 6 or Cat. 6a UTP or STP, Multi-conductor, Hybrid Fiber and Copper Constructions and Power.

Design & Assembly

Being more than just a cable assembly house, NAI has designed and manufactured hundreds of custom electro-mechanical solutions for customers. These solutions typically incorporate terminal blocks, enclosures, panels, specialty connectors, and other components for electro-mechanical assemblies, box builds, and electrical or control panel builds. Whatever your connectivity solution requires, we will design and manufacture it to exacting specifications.

Why Choose NAI?

As a custom interconnect solutions company, we offer high reliability cable and connectivity assemblies, including electro-mechanical assemblies. We leverage our decades of experience and know-how to produce the products you need – on time and with reliable performance. As a result, we have a unique set of skills and capabilities, which define our value proposition to our customers.

Highly Experienced Custom Design Engineering & Manufacturing

Expert Engineering Assistance and Bench Strength

Cost Savings from NAI’s Unique Global Footprint and Sourcing Program

Reliable Performance for Critical Applications

Relentless Quality

Focused Assembly Experts

Fast, Nimble and Scalable

High Volume/Low Mix and Low Volume/High Mix Orders

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