NAI has been providing the global marketplace with world class manufacturing solutions for decades, based on quality, reliability and service. We design and manufacture integrated connectivity solutions for Industrial Technology, Medical, Telecom and Data industries.

Today, NAI operates five plants worldwide with nearly 500,000 sq. ft. of production capacity. Our current production levels are above 2.5 million assemblies, with over 25 million terminations per month and growing. While we employ over 2,000 personnel, hiring and training are ongoing at NAI.

In fact, one of the main advantages of working with NAI is our agility to ramp up quickly for any increase in demand – a learned capability from handling thousands of custom orders over many years.

We maintain a division of specialization at various plants and manufacturing cells to accommodate both High Mix/Low Volume orders, as well as High Volume/Low Mix orders. As a result, our ability to meet varying needs, along with our delivery performance, is second to none.

Mission Statement


NAI provides end-to-end connectivity solutions for high performance systems, delivering the confidence and reliability that enable our customer’s success.

Why Choose NAI?

Highly Experienced Custom Design Engineering & Manufacturing

NAI customers achieve significant cost savings by outsourcing to NAI. We add value with design engineering services and by obtaining cost savings using alternative components. We are focused on diligent quality processes through our manufacturing operations to ensure the reliability of our product performance in a variety of critical applications and technologies.

Expert Engineering Assistance and Bench Strength

Many customers outsource the design and development of their interconnect assemblies to NAI, which is scalable to meet varying needs. Through expert engineering and specialized testing, our Solutions Center, Center of Excellence facilities and New Product Introduction departments ensure Design for Manufacturability (DFM), product performance, reliability, on-time delivery and achieve cost savings.

Cost Savings from NAI’s Unique Global Footprint and Sourcing Program

NAI specializes in obtaining high-value products and components required for the interconnect solutions we manufacture. Internal manufacturing capabilities complement our global procurement to provide quality assurance and substantial cost savings. This unique NAI operation is flexible and nimble in response to customer needs, allowing NAI to ramp up rapidly for new projects.

Reliable Performance for Critical Applications

NAI produces assemblies and harnesses used in critical applications for life and communications in medical, telecommunications, data and industrial technologies.

Relentless Quality

Every one of our products is 100% tested for performance before it is shipped out using state-of-the-art testing equipment. NAI employs the principles of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing in its operations. A dedicated Quality Control staff, use of testing protocols throughout manufacturing and a relentless passion for excellence, all combine to deliver reliable product performance.


In addition, NAI owns patents or has patents pending on many processes and testing procedures that cannot be found anywhere else, such as:

  • An automated epoxy dispensing system that removes operator variation for LC and SC connector lines
  • Proprietary software for vision systems used to inspect fiber ribbon
  • Proprietary software for vision systems used to inspect housing polarity
  • Proprietary software developed for a semi-automated light test system
  • Proprietary software solution developed for a semi-automated spring test system
  • Internal connector cross-sectioning to enable process monitoring
  • Immersion and cross-section for IPX7 validation per IEC60529 Condition IPX7 for FTTA product families)

Focused Assembly Experts

The people who work at NAI are well trained and committed to producing only the best quality products. Their “passion component” and agility set us apart from others.

Fast, Nimble and Scalable

NAI has the financial resources to make the capital investments needed to get customer projects up and running quickly. From Design and Engineering to Manufacturing, we offer unmatched scalability to accommodate any customer project. In addition, NAI operations feature fast training and set-up for new project launches and changeovers.

High Volume / Low Mix And Low Volume / High Mix Orders

NAI uniquely provides solutions for both High Volume / Low Mix orders AND Low Volume / High Mix orders at very competitive costs. Most other contract assembly manufacturers are unable to accommodate both types of orders.


Since production began in 1993, NAI has had an explosive history.

Nov 2021: Expansion of NAI’s Customer Service Group
Jul 2021: New STEADY LINK™ line of standard interconnect products are launched
Oct 2020: NAI Opens Plant in Saltillo, Mexico
Sept 2020: NAI Solutions Center opens in Penang, Malaysia
Dec 2018: NAI adds new molding equipment in Gaylord, MI
Oct 2018: Center of Excellence in Hermosillo, Mexico expands to include industrial interconnect solutions
Aug 2018: Plant 2 opens in Suzhou, China
Apr 2018: NAI Expands Operations in Southeast Asia
Feb 2018: NAI Opens 1st U.S. Plant in Gaylord, Michigan
Aug 2017: NAI Solutions Center opens in Troy, MI
Mar 2017: HMO Plant 4 opens
Feb 2017: 1st Annual NAI Supplier Summit held
Nov 2016: Fiber Center of Excellence opens in Hermosillo, Mexico
Mar 2016: Plant 3 opens in Hermosillo, Mexico
Jan 2014: Plant 2 opens in Hermosillo, Mexico
Dec 2013: Major Medical OEM Supplier of the Year Award
Dec 2012: Preferred Supplier for Major Telecom OEM
Dec 2012: HMO: ISO 13485:2003 Certified
Jan 2010: Accredited Nadcap™
Nov 2009: HMO: Certified ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000
Sept 2008: SZO: AS9100 Certified
May 2008: SZO: Certified for ISO13485
Mar 2007: Production begins on first medical cables MRI/Cat scan
Dec 2006: First medical customer approaches us to build MRI/Cat scan cables in China
Nov 2006: SZO: TL 9000 Certified
Aug 2006: SZO: ISO 9001 Certified
Apr 2006: Production starts in China
Sept 2005: First China employee hired
Aug 2005: China company is formed
Sept 2004: NAI decides to establish a plant in Suzhou, China (SZO) to serve our global customers
Jun 2004: Honeywell HPS supplier of the year
Mar 2003: 1st major OEM customer in both industrial and aerospace sectors
Apr 2002: Headquartered in Chicago, with office in Denver
Nov 2002: Consulting engineer for the build-out of the entire telecom fiber network in India
Aug 2002: NAI merges with ODC (Optical Datacom) and MMI (Majestic Management International)
Apr 2002: PCS arrives
Feb 1993: NAI is founded and opens first plant in Hermosillo, Mexico (HMO)
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