Quality Hybrid Cable Assemblies from NAI

Assembly requirements often specify the use of power cables along with data cables (fiber optic or copper). NAI provides complete design and manufacturing services for hybrid cable assemblies and bundled assemblies.


Hybrid cable assemblies typically include two or more cables of the same or different types covered by one overall jacket or sheath. For example, a hybrid assembly can include Cat. 3 and Cat. 5 mixed (copper) cables and connectors. Or, a hybrid cable assembly can include a mix of fiber optic and copper cables and connectors, and may also include power cables (typically blunt cut).


Both hybrid cable assemblies and bundled cable assemblies are very similar, but bundled cable assemblies do not have an overall jacket or sheath. Bundled cable is an assembly of two or more cables bound together to form a single unit prior to installation, such as the example shown here.


NAI’s ruggedized hybrid cable assemblies and bundled assemblies provide efficiencies in deployment and installation. Whether you require fiber and coaxial, fiber and unshielded twisted pair (UTP), fiber and power, or any combination thereof, we can design and manufacture your hybrid or bundled cable assemblies to meet your exact requirements.

Sample Hybrid Cable Assemblies

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