NAI customers often require pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies, ruggedized for easier and faster installation, saving valuable time for installers. The  pre-terminated fiber optic cable ends are protected for shipping and installation. Choose Multimode or Single Mode for indoor or outdoor applications. NAI can provide trunk or jumper assemblies.


NAI pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies are often used in the telecom industry for wireless applications, specifically cell tower wiring (Fiber To The Antenna or FTTA), when the cable length required for the project is uncertain. As a solution, NAI offers wooden cable reels with multiple cables, each pre-terminated at one end.


Outdoor fiber optic cable pre-terminated assemblies save installers time in the field by reducing the termination time required. Also, by having the assemblies prepared in advance at one of NAI’s plants, the connections are reliable and fully tested, which also ensures a quality experience for end users of mobile devices.


Wireless applications utilizing pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies include FTTA applications, upgrades to 4G LTE, 5G and fiber to the cell tower or backhaul equipment cabinets, as well as other FTTX applications.


In one sense, all cable assemblies are pre-terminated with connectors. However, NAI uses the term “pre-terminated” or “preterm” to describe cable assemblies which are terminated at one end, and spooled onto a crate reel for use in the field, when the exact length of cable needed is unknown. A sample preterm assembly on a reel is shown below. Other pre-terminated assemblies can be produced to an exact length, such as the assembly below with blue leads.

Image of NAI pre-terminated cable assemblies used on cell towers to connect base equipment to transmitters and receivers.
NAI pre-terminated cable assemblies are often used on cell towers to connect base equipment to transmitters and receivers.

Sample Pre-terminated Cable Assemblies

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