NAI’s rugged STEADY LINK® Series-S GPS & Sync Cable Assemblies have been designed to provide high precision FTSP performance for use with Nokia AirScale* wireless systems and cellular installations, such as 5G small cells. Although they can be made to support many radio technologies, Series-S GPS & Sync Cable Assemblies are intended for the growing use of 5G small cells to accommodate a variety of applications, from Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) to airports, commercial enterprises, airports, and even deep rural villages.


These interconnects support the challenges of the rapidly developing Internet of Things (IoT) for high capacity networks with simultaneously connected devices and low latency. AirScale and similar technologies increase cell capacity, lower the cost of ownership (TCO) and brings 5G more quickly to consumers and businesses.  They are ideally suited for installation on cell towers and 5G small cells.


NAI Series-S GPS & Sync Cable Assemblies connect the devices used in these wireless technologies and networks. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that meet the IEEE 802.11ac / Wi-Fi 5 standard for WLANs.

GPS & Sync Cable Assemblies can be made to order from inventoried materials with quick turn shipment program options.

*Trademark of Nokia Solutions

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Part Numbers for NAI Series-S GPS & Sync Cable Assemblies


Part Numbers Length (XXX)
NAI-5251-005 5 Meters/16.4 ft
NAI-5251-015 15 Meters/49.21 ft
NAI-5251-XXX XXX = Number of Feet or Meters for Custom Lengths (please specify length up to 15 meters)
How to Obtain a Quote for GPS & Sync Cable Assemblies


For Standard 5- and 15-Meter Assemblies:
Please select the appropriate part number and identify the number of assemblies required.


For Custom Lengths:
Select Part # NAI-5251-XXX, and identify the length required (up to 15 meters) for “XXX” and the number of assemblies you want.


Submit the completed form for a quote.


About NAI

NAI designs and manufactures custom rugged coax and other cable assemblies and harnesses for a variety of applications for telecom, data, mining and industrial technologies such as mining machinery, construction and agricultural equipment, robotics, machine tools, material handling equipment, instrumentation & control and other applications with demanding requirements. Broad design capabilities, a global manufacturing footprint, rigorous Quality Management Systems, along with the ability to make things happen very quickly, all combine to position NAI as a totally unique supplier and your best option for interconnect solutions.

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