How to Choose the Right Interconnect Design Service

How to Choose the Right Interconnect Design Service

When selecting a manufacturer for cable or box build assembly, it’s very important to look at the design services the manufacturer offers. Even if you have a build-to-print design already completed, a good assembly manufacturer can offer design enhancements, alternatives, and other suggestions to:

  • lower the manufacturing cost
  • ensure quality and performance to spec
  • speed up the delivery

Skilled assembly design services can provide significant benefits. Look for manufacturers that have expert engineering resources, and the necessary bench strength to provide these services. You’d be surprised how many assembly manufacturers have little or no engineering capabilities.

Look for manufacturers with the following design engineering capabilities, whether you think you need them or not. You’ll want to engage the most talented and capable engineering minds to assess your assembly project for the greatest benefit to your project. Choose an interconnect assembly manufacturer that provides the following three things:

1) Examination of the Total Interconnect Solution

Excellent design services can ensure the assembly design is optimized for the total performance and function for its intended application. Sometimes design engineers at the manufacturer can think of enhancements and alternatives that you may not have thought about!

2) Component Optimization

The better design services look at alternative components and sourcing, to help achieve the same performance while lowering the cost. More importantly, they may recommend alternative components to ensure the specified performance of the assembly, whether physical or electrical.

3) Range of Service Options and Scalability

You may have an assembly already designed and want to submit a print for quoting. Or, you may need full contract assembly services to create your interconnect solution. What if you need something in between? The best design service resource should be able to provide you with this range of options. Here are the questions to ask about service options and scalability:If you provide 100% of the design specifications and opt to submit a print, ask how the manufacturer will plan to build from it.

  1. Do they have a pre-manufacturing plan or product introduction process that details all steps in manufacturing and assembly?
  2. Do they have all quality assurance checkpoints necessary to ensure each step is performed correctly?
  3. Ask what resources they offer in providing their design services. How many engineers are on staff? What level of services do they provide?
  4. If you need assistance with design, but not necessarily full design service, does the manufacturer have the capability and flexibility to offer this “in-between” service?

There are many cable and box assembly manufacturers from which to choose to quote on your project.  To ensure you achieve the best design, the greatest product quality and reliability, and the best value, select a manufacturer with significant and expert design engineering resources.


By Jason Porter
VP Engineering & Continuous Improvement

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