CASE STUDY: NAI Creates Dual Capacity to Offset Customer’s Delivery Issues During the Pandemic

NAI Supply Chain Breakdown Case Study

CASE STUDY: NAI Creates Dual Capacity to Offset Customer’s Delivery Issues During the Pandemic

Not very many interconnect solutions companies can say that one of the premier services they provide is their global supply chain network that utilizes dual capacity. Even fewer cable assembly manufacturers could say this while in the midst of a pandemic.

Yet, NAI surpassed all odds to efficiently provide global supply chain solutions and help their clients in need. NAI’s global footprint is a core element in providing the most innovative and consistent cable solutions to clients around the world.

Covid directly impacted interconnect solutions companies across the world. Regulations became more strict and employees became sick, causing a dangerous backlog to begin as consumer demand increased even more. In this case study, you’ll get to see how NAI adapted in these dark times to find a clever solution to increase a client’s production.

Problem: Supply Chain Risks Worsen

One of NAI’s customers was unable to meet delivery promises to its customer because a number of key suppliers were unfortunately shut down due to a variety of issues associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. This abruptly interrupted the customer’s supply chain and they turned to NAI for help.


Solution: Benefits of Dual Capacity Through Global Manufacturing of Interconnect Solutions

Image Of Global Supply Chain Alerts On Phone and TabletNAI was able to continue its cable assembly manufacturing operations since NAI’s global footprint provided a hedge against production supply risks. The NAI Group was able to provide its customer with several critical solutions:

  1. NAI mirrored the operation of existing part-specific production lines in Mexico by building the same operations in China, effectively doubling capacity to build customer interconnect products quickly for the customer, in order to mitigate the delivery issues that put them behind.
  2. This dual production operation was set up in a different global region to offset any risk related to current pandemic conditions that might occur where the initial production was located. When NAI Mexico was hit by the initial wave of Covid-19 virus, NAI China had already reopened after going through its initial wave and could therefore take on additional production projects. NAI was able to leverage its global footprint to create the best possible situation to address customer supply needs during this crisis.
  3. Dual capacity operations were up and running in China within a matter of just a few weeks, helping customers get back on track with their interconnect product deliveries very quickly.

NAI Solves Pandemic-related Production Issues for a Customer by Creating Dual Capacity in Multiple Global Regions for Continuity of Supply

Image of Globe with Conenctions for NAI Global Production and Dual CapacityThe immediate benefit of this dual capacity project was to provide NAI’s customer with the extra insurance needed to meet critical production and delivery schedules during the problems and uncertainties brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This dual capacity initiative essentially doubled the capacity to manufacture cable assemblies for the customer by establishing the same part production operations at NAI plants in both Mexico and China. NAI’s unique ability also mitigated risk with current and future production issues associated with pandemic slowdowns. In this case, the NAI customer transferred it’s custom interconnect project business away from its incumbent supplier, who had closed its operations because of Covid-19.

Having worked with NAI before, the customer had trust and confidence in NAI, knowing this interconnect solutions provider would be able to meet the stringent deadlines for this dual capacity initiative. They knew NAI would be able to resume production in a short period of time with their dual capacity, so the customer could keep on track to meet delivery commitments to its customers.

NAI’s Custom Interconnect and Global Supply Chain Solutions

NAI Cable Assembly TeamsJon Jensen, President and CEO at NAI, stated “There were many elements to plan and coordinate to accomplish this duplication of manufacturing capability in another part of the globe. We had language and time zone obstacles, although we turned these into an advantage as the plants in Mexico and China now each work alternate shifts to produce these parts around the clock for our customer. We needed to transfer all our well-documented production and test data from Mexico to China, as well as much of the material inventory.”

Mr. Jensen continued “Our teams at both facilities worked tirelessly to meet, and exceed, the target deadline. Our dedicated teams in Mexico and China worked quickly and diligently on this transition project so that NAI was able to complete it within a few weeks, which can normally take a company up to a year to accomplish.”

Speed was of the essence for the customer, and the project team was able to shave off an entire month from the original target deadline by leveraging their dual capacity and global footprint.

A local supply chain was established for Suzhou, and additional materials, supplies, and equipment were procured to maintain the production of cable assemblies, cable harnesses, and more. NAI also calibrated and conducted the appropriate maintenance checks on all production equipment related to this initiative.

NAI’s global footprint provides a definite advantage for interconnect solutions customers looking for extra insurance and to mitigate risk, so they can remain focused on providing continuity of supply to their customers

About NAI Group, Leading Interconnect Solutions Manufacturer

NAI Interconnective Cable Assembly SolutionsWith a global footprint that utilizes dual capacity, and the supply chain management to match, NAI’s amazing services don’t stop there. NAI is an industry-leading interconnect solutions manufacturer, and as such, has the capabilities to support orders of any size.

NAI designs and manufactures custom rugged cable assemblies, harnesses, panel and box builds for a variety of industrial applications for mining machinery, construction and agricultural equipment, robotics, machine tools, material handling equipment, instrumentation & control, and other industrial technologies with demanding requirements.

The company also produces custom interconnect solutions for the medical industry, manufacturing high-reliability assemblies for critical-to-life surgical devices and medical equipment. In addition, NAI produces interconnects for the telecommunications industry for wireless applications on cell towers and in base stations, as well as for data connections in computer centers.

When you have a lot to offer as a company, you can help even more clients. Check out the list of global industries we serve to see how we can benefit your business today.

With broad design capabilities, a global manufacturing footprint, rigorous Quality Management Systems, and the ability to make things happen very quickly, all combine to make NAI a totally unique and attractive supplier for interconnect solutions.

NAI Provides Global Supply Chain Solutions Through Their Global Footprint

Whether in the midst of the pandemic or navigating the changes that make up a post-pandemic market, supply chain risks can easily snowball into major issues for your company. Customers have strict needs, and to remain competitive, suppliers have to appease them as quickly as possible.

Make sure you’re always one step ahead by choosing a cable assembly manufacturer with a global footprint and the experience to get the job done right. This case study shows briefly the numerous benefits of outsourcing the manufacturing of your custom cable assemblies and other interconnect products.

When you choose NAI, you’re choosing a global cable assembly manufacturer with an advanced supply chain network, a valuable resource to which you will receive full access.

Besides our extensive global manufacturing footprint, NAI can ensure the delivery and quality of the connectivity solutions our customers require. Our employees offer years of experience to help you discover the best product for your project. We’ll show you how we can optimize the design and manufacture of your interconnect product to fit your needs.

At NAI, we are willing to go above and beyond global borders in order to professionally provide our clients with the custom interconnect solutions they deserve. Ready to have global supply chain solutions at your fingertips? Get in touch with NAI today to see how we can help you!

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