Custom Options for Your Medical Cable Assemblies

Custom Options for Your Medical Cable Assemblies

The medical field is one of the most interesting fields of science due to its ever-changing frontier. As doctors and scientists further unravel the mystery of the human body, NAI is keeping up with the changes with our selection of top-tier custom options for medical cable assemblies.

If you are looking for medical cable assembly manufacturers, consider partnering with NAI. A world-class custom medical cable assembly manufacturer, we build custom, copper, fiber optic, and coax cable assemblies for various medical instruments and equipment.

With medical device cable usage becoming more regular in medical implants, instruments, and care, NAI has expert-level knowledge on how custom cable assemblies and new medical technology go hand in hand. Read on to learn more about the different customization options and unique features of NAI’s medical cable assemblies and the top uses in the medical field for our medical cable assemblies.

What Are Medical Cable Assemblies?

Medical cable assemblies play an important role in the medical industry. But often they do not get the recognition they deserve.

Medical cable assemblies are utilized in hospitals, medical offices, and new medical device technology everywhere. Their main purpose: to provide the connections for various laboratory instruments, medical devices, and medical equipment that are necessary so medical professionals can provide the utmost care to patients of all kinds.

To learn more about medical cable assemblies, visit our blog, What are Medical Cable Assemblies?

Custom medical cable assemblies transmit data and power, and have to be constructed following exact standards due to the demanding requirements they must meet. This is where NAI proves its experience and professionalism by offering a wide range of medical cable assembly components and custom cable assemblies.

Medical cable assemblies supply the connection, but NAI supplies the medical device cable assembly process needed to withstand heavy usage and maintain a quality connection. Honored to assist the front lines of patient care, NAI offers advances in patient care through a variety of custom cable assemblies including fiber optics.

NAI’s Customization Options for Medical Cable Assemblies

NAI has ample experience working with medical equipment and device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Accordingly, we provide a wide variety of customization options for medical cable assemblies, including:

  • A large selection of fiber optic and copper cable assemblies for data and power
  • Sensor cable assemblies
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • A broad range of insulation materials
  • Copper conductor options — size, solid, or stranded
  • Connectivity options, including covers, pins, connectors, housings, and contacts
  • Other components, including terminal blocks, strain reliefs, ferrules, shrink tubing, potting, bushings, boots, and more
  • Pre-terminated enclosures and other housings often needed for equipment

NAI is dedicated to quality manufacturing. This is why we offer ISO 8 Class 100k cleanroom manufacturing capabilities. Check out the full list of our products and medical cable assembly options to see what else we can provide as your top medical cable assembly manufacturer.

Medical Technology Examples For NAI’s Medical Cable Assemblies

In this heavily technological era, everything from cars to computers is being revolutionized and automated to advance function and performance. At the top of the growing list of new advances, new medical technology is at the forefront. And NAI is right in step, providing the custom cable assemblies needed to perform the task at hand.

NAI’s medical cable assemblies are manufactured to suit a broad range of use cases. To illustrate, here are the use cases for popular medical cable assembly types:

1. Communication interfaces: These assemblies are made for medical communication interfaces — wired or wireless technologies for connecting devices to the internet, servers, or other devices. They use serial, modular local area networks (LAN), or fiber optic cable assemblies. Examples include RS-422, RS-232, RS-485, and RS-423. Communication interface medical cable assemblies are often used in surgery robots and other applications that require data interfacing.

2. Equipment and sub-assembly interfaces: OEMs often use equipment and sub-assembly interface assemblies for nuclear imaging devices. This medical device cable assembly is typically only replaced during reconstructions and upgrades.

3. Patient interfaces: These custom cable assemblies are made for patient interface software like ultrasound imaging and ICU monitor cables. They consist of durable cables that require replacement several times during a medical equipment’s lifespan. There are several patient interface medical device cables subtypes:

  • Long-life patient interfaces, which include medical cable assemblies for ECG diagnostic tests and ultrasound imaging. These cables are wear-resistant, durable, and flexible.
  • Limited-use interfaces, which include ECG diagnostic leads and CCU and ICU monitor cables. Cleaning chemicals and mechanical stress often damage these assemblies. However, they can last until scheduled replacement.
  • One-time use interfaces, which include fetal monitoring cables, catheters, neural simulator lead sets, and electro-surgical devices. They are designed to be discarded after use.
  • Other surgical interfaces, such as those used for ablation and other surgical devices.

It is clear to see how custom medical cable assemblies have the potential to deliver many benefits. With highly flexible assemblies, imaging issues are avoided by reduced kinking. Temperature resistance at high levels allows for increased sterilization as high heat is needed to minimize contaminates in surgery and patient rooms.

As explained above, medical device cable is extremely durable. By featuring an added benefit of being hydrophobic, this prevents damage and rust as factors affecting the longevity of medical cable assemblies.

With advanced shielding options for your custom copper cable assemblies, NAI also offers EMI protection, allowing signals to flow with minimal or no interference and susceptibility to egress or ingress. Our unique features create the top medical cable assemblies available on the market.

NAI’s Custom Cable Assemblies Go Beyond the Medical Field

NAI’s manufacturing operations have been designed to produce an extremely broad variety of interconnectivity solutions. This allows us to be a successful medical cable manufacturer while also supplying custom cable assemblies, harnesses, and associated components for specific industries – each critical to keep the world functioning.

While others may be able to manufacture a portion of what NAI produces, no one matches the breadth and depth of our quality product capabilities, processes and application experience. This is the key factor that allows NAI to produce custom cable assemblies and components for a variety of customers. Our amazing clients stem from the base industries that NAI serves: industrial technologies, the medical/biomedical industry, and telecommunications/data industries.

Our high-quality interconnect solutions products and services are not lost as we adapt to the wide range of needs we meet for our clients. Discover where NAI is closest to you among our global locations, and we’d be happy to assist you as well.

Learn More About NAI’s Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

At NAI, our offering of connectivity solutions continues to help move medical device technology forward. As the leading industry professionals, we stay up to date with the latest medical device cable achievements. With our custom cable assemblies, we are proud to be a medical cable assembly manufacturer providing products that will advance medical technology for all members of society.

As a medical cable assembly manufacturer, NAI offers a wide range of customization options for medical cable assemblies. From terminal blocks to a broad range of insulation materials, and a large selection of fiber optic and copper cable types for both data and power, NAI can provide the highest quality custom cable assemblies.

Interested in learning more about NAI’s solutions for custom medical cable assemblies? Contact NAI today. Alternatively, fill in this form to receive a proposal or quote based on your RFQ or RFP specifications.

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