NAI Manufactures New Complex Harness Assemblies for the Mining Industry

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NAI Manufactures New Complex Harness Assemblies for the Mining Industry

Troy, MI – NAI, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom interconnect solutions which deliver power and signals for monitoring data, connecting people and keeping equipment performing, has announced a new design and manufacturing project for large mining operations in China.

NAI manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China, recently began the development and manufacture of very complex cable harnesses for installation within large explosion-proof enclosures.  These cabinets are placed within mines for the operation and control of variable frequency drives and inverters.  These drives power and control conveyor belts, water and oil pumps, cooling fans, tape winding devices and brakes inside the mines.  In addition, they provide alerts and notifications for transformers, motors, cables and other components when they are not operating within the expected temperature range, voltage range or other parameters.  All operational drives utilize NAI interconnect solutions for the transmission of control signals and essentially act as the nerve system for mining operations.

The control drives utilize rugged NAI harnesses designed specifically for mining applications.  Ten different cable harnesses have been designed, each of which is used for data communications and control, some with shielding for protection against EMI.  Harnesses carrying power are also now in planning and design stages.  The typical data/control harness includes over 100 terminations, while the largest harness has more than 900 terminations.  These assemblies have been designed to be very rugged and resilient to various tough environmental hazards.  NAI products meet the requirements of the following tests, ratings or standards:

  • 2-2010 for explosive atmospheric conditions
  • High voltage test at 330V for power cable
  • Connectors are IP67 rated for resistance to dust and water

The customer for this mining project awarded the design and manufacturing of harnesses and box builds to NAI after producing the harnesses themselves internally.  The company realized they were not as well suited to this kind of operation as NAI, and they ultimately preferred to focus on their main mining control equipment business and outsource this custom work to NAI.  They acknowledged that, by using NAI, they reduced their quality risks and manufacturing lead times and they gained access to NAI’s global supply chain for advantages with various components.

NAI designs and manufactures custom rugged cable assemblies and harnesses for a variety of industrial applications for mining machinery, construction and agricultural equipment, robotics, machine tools, material handling equipment, instrumentation & control and other industries with demanding requirements.  Broad design capabilities, a global manufacturing footprint, rigorous Quality Management Systems, along with the ability to make things happen very quickly, combine to make NAI a totally unique and attractive supplier for interconnect solutions.

Download a .pdf version of the Case Study.

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About NAI

NAI is the most resourceful interconnect solutions provider customers count on to solve design, manufacturing and logistics problems.  Offering copper and fiber optic cable assemblies and harnesses, coupled with block assemblies, panel and box builds, NAI provides an unparalleled breadth of capability.  Because NAI is remarkably scalable, flexible and agile, customer projects are brought to life very quickly, while meeting or exceeding expectations and delivering high reliability.

NAI strives for high integrity with customer relationships by providing notable transparency and delivering on promises.  Product and market diversity, an extraordinary talent base and an ability to supply globally are distinctcharacteristics of NAI.

Only NAI provides this unique combination of company attributes, distinguishing them as the most reliable supplier of interconnect product solutions and expert service.



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