NAI Introduces New STEADY LINK® Series-C LMR* 240 and LMR 400 Diameter Coax Cable Assemblies

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NAI Introduces New STEADY LINK® Series-C LMR* 240 and LMR 400 Diameter Coax Cable Assemblies

Troy, MI – NAI, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom interconnect solutions which deliver power and signals to monitor data, connect people and keep equipment operating, continues its introduction of new standard interconnect products under the STEADY LINK® brand with the launch of a new line of Series-C LMR* 240 and 400 coaxial cable assemblies.  Series-C coax jumpers are designed to address the dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices by providing interconnect solutions to service 4G LTE and 5G wireless and industrial network applications.

NAI’s STEADY LINK® Series-C LMR* Coax Cable Assemblies have been designed to provide durable and reliable short run feeder connections to anten­nae in WISP, SCADA, GPS, and mobile transmission of communication.  These indoor/outdoor assemblies are well suited for connections in high frequency, low loss applications where routing space is minimal and multiple flexing is expected.

STEADY LINK® Series-C coaxial cable assemblies represent a cutting-edge solution for harsh outdoor environments.  Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, their ruggedized design will also tolerate other demanding conditions of continued outdoor exposure.

These new Series-C LMR 50-ohm coax jumper families offer a variety of straight, right angle, male and female connectors for pretermination at both ends.  The LMR 400 cable assemblies feature a 0.405” cable diameter, while the LMR 240 has a 0.240” O.D.  Both assemblies can be provided in custom lengths.

RF 50-Ohm Coaxial Cable:

The LMR 240 cable assembly features a solid bare copper center conductor, while the LMR 400 cable features a solid bare copper-covered/clad aluminum (BBCAL) conductor.  Both LMR assemblies include a double shield with an aluminum foil tape and a tinned copper outer braid shield, along with Foam Polyethylene for the dielectric and an outer PE jacket.  See the Data Sheets for more details.

STEADY LINK® Connector Options for LMR 240 and LMR 400 Diameter Cable Assemblies

Customers can choose among a variety of connector terminations at either end:

LMR 240 Cable Assemblies:

N – Male, Straight

1.0-2.3 DIN – Male, Straight and Male, Right Angle

SMA – Male and Female, Straight

LMR 400 Cable Assemblies:

N – Male, Straight

SMA – Female, Straight


Performance Specifications:

STEADY LINK® Series-C LMR coax assemblies are 50 ohms and operate within a variety of frequency ranges, as published in the respective data sheets, along with return loss, VSWR, attenuation, and other electrical specifications.  Mechanical specifications are also provided.  Operating temperatures are -40⁰C to +85⁰C for LMR 400 assemblies and -55⁰C to +85⁰C for LMR 240 assemblies.  View and download the respective data sheet for more information:

LMR 240 Coax Assemblies Data Sheet

LMR 400 Coax Assemblies Data Sheet

The new Series-C LMR Coax Assemblies are made to order from inventoried materials with quick turn program options.  For more information, visit the STEADY LINK® Series-C Coax Assemblies web page.

NAI has also launched a new online Coax Configurator to help you quickly and easily design a customized LMR coax cable assembly and submit the design for a quote.

NAI will be launching other new assembly products on a similar made-to-order basis, including flexible assemblies, assemblies with more right-angle connector options, Nex10** connectors, GPS and Sync cable assemblies and more.

*Trademark of Times Microwave Systems, Inc.

** Nex10 is a registered trademark of the Huber+Suhner, Radiall and Rosenberger consortium.


About NAI

NAI is the most resourceful interconnect solutions provider customers count on to solve design, manufacturing, and logistics problems.  Offering copper and fiber optic cable assemblies and harnesses, coupled with block assemblies, panel and box builds, NAI provides an unparalleled breadth of capability.  Being remarkably scalable, flexible, and agile, NAI customer projects are brought to life very quickly, while meeting or exceeding expectations and delivering high reliability.

NAI strives for high integrity with customer relationships by providing notable transparency and delivering on promises.  Product and market diversity, an extraordinary talent base and an ability to supply globally are distinct characteristics of NAI.

Only NAI provides this unique combination of company attributes, distinguishing them as the most reliable supplier of interconnect product solutions and expert service.

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