CompRep Signs on with NAI as New Sales Representative in the Northeast

CompRep Signs on with NAI as New Sales Representative in the Northeast

Troy, MI – NAI, a leading manufacturer of end-to-end connectivity solutions for high performance systems in industrial, telecom, data and medical industries, has appointed CompRep Associates as its manufacturer’s sales representative in the Northeast. Effective immediately, CompRep will represent NAI’s unique capabilities in the design and manufacturing of custom cable assemblies and harnesses.

CompRep was established in 1962 and has been in business for 55 years. NAI plans to leverage the OEM relationships and experience at CompRep to grow its business in CompRep’s main markets: medical, military/aerospace, industrial, computer and communications equipment. These market segments are strategic to NAI, so the alignment and synergy were immediately attractive to both parties. CompRep will cover six states in the Northeast for NAI, including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Bill Miller, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at NAI, stated “CompRep has demonstrated their ability to generate specifications for their principals’ electronic component products for many decades. NAI offers connectivity solutions to CompRep OEM customers that provide both value and performance, a winning combination for all.”

CompRep focuses on areas within its market segments that generate high demand, such as robotics, lighting, alternative energy (i.e., solar, wind), industrial control and semiconductor manufacturing.

Rob Steffens, Vice President of CompRep Associates, stated “CompRep sells components at the board level, including interconnect products. Since NAI is a true custom cable assembly manufacturer, we recognize the great synergy this relationship will have. In addition, NAI offers a very unique combination of High Mix / Low Volume and High Volume / Low Mix and lower cost capabilities which will be appealing to our customer base.”

For more information on NAI, please visit: Phone: 248-817-4106.

About NAI

NAI has been a global leader in the manufacturing of advanced mission-critical and high-reliability fiber optic and copper cable assemblies and harnesses since 1993. A world class integrated supply chain, expert operations management, and a global manufacturing footprint in low cost regions, combine to provide NAI customers with a unique solution for their connectivity product requirements.

NAI manufactures assemblies across diverse markets including fiber optics, telecom, industrial, medical and aerospace industries. The company’s unique ability to service both high mix / low volume and low mix / high volume programs, while complying with complex regulatory requirements, enables us to support the unique business needs of all customers, delivering the confidence and reliability that enable their success.

About CompRep Associates

CompRep Associates is a 55-year old company formed in 1962 to provide sales representation services for an exclusive group of electronic component manufacturers. CompRep focuses its sales efforts on major OEM accounts within a six-state region in the Northeast, including Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine. The company sells electronic products to its OEM customer base, who operate in a variety of strategic market segments, including medical, industrial, military/aerospace, computer, communications and consumer electronics.

CompRep Associates is headquartered at 100 River Ridge Drive, Norwood, MA. Phone: 800-526-8611.


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