NAI Capabilities for Telecom & Data Applications


NAI has supplied the Telecommunications and Data Networking industries with a large variety of telco interconnect solutions, including cable assemblies and harnesses, as well as cable assemblies, harnesses and patch cords for data networking. Today, they continue to serve the legacy business as well as the many new technologies in Telecom and Data industries.


The pervasive use of mobile devices has increased the need for cell towers, radios and other equipment to add bandwidth for greater use of microwave and cellular devices. NAI specializes in providing reliable and innovative connectivity solutions for high speed data runs for Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) applications, connecting base stations with radios (Remote Radio Units) on the towers. NAI also provides solutions for Fiber Distribution Point (FDP) applications with high fiber density, as well as for FTTC, FTTN and FTTH assemblies.  They also provide many patch cords and jumpers for cell towers.


For FTTA and other applications, NAI offers cable assemblies that are built to an exact length, or preterm (pre-terminated) cable assemblies when the exact length of a run is unknown, in addition to patch cords. Pre-terminated assemblies are provided on crate reels, with one end of the assembly terminated with connectors. This saves the installer time in the field, and by having the assemblies prepared in advance at the NAI plant, the connections are reliable and fully tested, which also ensures a quality experience for end users.


NAI offers the following solutions for Wireless applications:

  • Pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies for FTTA
  • Upgrades to 4G and 5G
  • Fiber to the cell tower or backhaul equipment cabinets
  • Full fiber jumper cables for FTTA or base stations
  • IP67 rated cable assemblies
  • Cable assemblies for other wireless applications, such as DAS or WiFi
  • Custom RF cable assemblies
  • Patch cords

OSP, Central Office & Co-Location Centers

NAI has provided reliable fiber optic, copper and hybrid telco cable assemblies and patch cords for use in COs and Co-Location Centers for decades, including applications for:

  • Building Entrance Terminals
  • Equipment installation
  • Power & structured Cabling audits
  • Cable management
  • DC power and grounding
  • Protector blocks and panels

Structured Cabling & Data Centers

NAI provides the highest quality and performance in data cable assemblies, patch cords and terminations for a variety of data applications, such as:

  • Pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies for hyperscale computing in data centers, with 288, 576, 1,728 and 3456 fiber counts
  • TIA/EIA Category cable assemblies and Patch Cords
  • Backbone and Horizontal distribution
  • Field terminations
  • Indoor, outdoor rated
  • Wireless LANs
  • Network MAC solutions for moves, adds and changes
  • Pre-terminated Ethernet trunks
  • Security, access control, CCTV, MATV and A/V cable assemblies

“I found that NAI was able to approve and accommodate the capital investment required to set up operations for our project more quickly than others. Because NAI was so fast and nimble, our project was up and running within weeks!”


Director of Supply Chain

Leading Telecommunications Company

NAI offers a choice of fiber optic and copper cable, connector types and patch cords for use in telecom and data applications.


Whether managing signals, data, or power, NAI provides custom cable assembly solutions from our Hermosillo, Mexico or Suzhou, China facilities. We are globally focused on our customers’ needs every day to delivery excellence in performance.


NAI provides the highest quality and performance for telco cable assemblies and data cable assemblies with:

  • High volume and low mix manufacturing solutions
  • Advanced manufacturing experience with Power, Coax, Harnessing,
    Preterm, Industrial Control, Molded and Networking cable assemblies
  • Fulfillment expertise that centers on maintaining capacity for world class speed to market
  • Next day service from Mexico to the U.S.
  • Superior quality utilizing Lean Manufacturing methods and tools


Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
TL 9000-H R6.0/R5.0
ISO 13485:2016
AS 9100 Rev. D (SZO)
Nadcap Accredited (SZO)
2011 C-TPAT

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