Design + Engineering

NAI has complete design capabilities for wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, connectors, and fiber optic cables for Telecom, Aerospace, Industrial, and Medical applications. Design for manufacturability can significantly reduce costs and the potential for quality issues.

Product Innovation - Concept Development

NAI is skilled and experienced in developing:

  • Connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Connector/Cable Overmolded assemblies, with strain relief

NAI is not however limited to using what already exists. For the unique application where an existing component doesn't fit, we are limited only by our imaginations. As our growing product line might suggest, we are innovators with a rich heritage in developing solutions for our customers that distinguishes NAI from much of its competition.

Design Engineering

Our design expertise includes designs for Signal, Power, RF, and Fiber Optic applications.  We have also developed proprietary processes and designs for:

  • Fiber Optic Connector/Cable Interface
  • Bonding Overmolds to Cable Jackets
  • Overmolding of PCBA’s
  • Multi-Color Laser Marking
  • Very Small Gauge Wires and Multi-Conductor Cables

NAI's design and product launch teams work closely with our customers to ensure that all product expectations are met.

NAI's experienced design team utilizes CAD technology* to design, model, and analyze interconnect products. Mold flow analysis software aids in providing critical performance data while the interconnect device is still a design concept. With Design for Manufacturability in mind, we can develop designs that meet the unique requirements of our diverse customer base.

*Solid Works, Pro/E (Wildfire) & AutoCAD