Fiber Optic

NAI fiber manufacturing capabilities include a long list of Fiber products including being an integral part of the 4G LTE infrastructure upgrades for wireless carriers all over the world. NAI also boasts world class white rooms in both our Hermosillo, Mexico and Suzhou, China facilities. As well as state-of the-art proprietary testing software for optical products.


Fiber Markets served with large-scale connectivity solutions include:

  • FTTA mobile infrastructure terminating hybrid fiber and copper cable assemblies.
    • Terminating preterm armored jumpers and riser cables (up to 400ft) in volume.
  • High performance enterprise cabling that meet or exceed the highest quality standards.  
    • Including fiber expertise in data center applications whether using MPO/LC/SC/ODC/SCA connections to name a few.
    • Building Trunks, Distribution, Ribbon or Breakout constructions using 4-144 fiber cables.
  • Telecommunication indoor and outside plant cable assembly including:
    • Ruggedized outdoor drop cables, Bend-insensitive fiber designs and off the shelf jumper configurations.
    • Assembly of cabinet enclosures, Pedestal, aerial, wall or Pole fiber/copper installations.