NAI maintains a rigorous internal quality management system in compliance with the strict regulations of the regulated markets we serve. View NAI's quality certifications.

Measuring Performance

  • “Six Sigma philosophy with five Black Belt’s overseeing production thru a Four Block/Pack KPI daily measurement.
  • Performance measurement is being monitored and controlled in each organizational layer. From DL thru Top Management.
  • Preventive and Corrective activities are activated upon constant KPI revision on each level. Longest cycle is one week

Cross Training

  • Using Train Within Industry (TWI) approach for training all labor in manufacturing sites.
  • Building a flexible structure by following the 3x3 principle.  (Every operator must excel in 3 different process operations and each process operation must  be operated by 3 different operators).
  • Immediate improvement on skills based on ILU workshop front line management.
  • Evaluating long term improvement by assessing skill points.

Quality Policy

North American Interconnect is committed to delight our customers by manufacturing products that comply with regulatory, industry & customer requirements to be delivered on-time, every time using a continuous improvement approach.