NAI has design and engineering capabilities that enable us to build an extensive range of products critical to life, flight, and communication. We are involved in all the process from start to finish including: design, manufacturing, and lab testing capabilities.

Design + Prototyping

  • Bonding of Overmolds to Cables Jackets
  • Custom designs for overmolding standard connectors
  • Custom designs of unique connector solutions
  • Overmolding of PCBA’s
    • Using Polyethylene and standard injection molding equipment instead of hot melt and LPM equipment, significantly reducing tooling, capital, and labor costs
  • Fiber Optic Connector/Cable Interface
  • Bubble-Free Interface
  • Residue-Free Barrel
  • Multi-Color Laser Marking
  • Processing of Very Small Gage Wires
  • 40 to 50 gage applications
  • NAI's rapid prototype process utilizes machined or 3D printed masters to create cosmetic or fully functional prototype connectors and components. From  individual components to complete interconnect systems - prototyping is a useful option for validating a products design before investing in final tooling


  • Integrated vision systems into our electrical test systems to check for perfect reverse conditions and component verifications
  • Fiber optic testing includes Insertion Loss, Return Loss, and Interferometry (Radius, Apex Curvature)

Clean Room

  • NAI maintains and manufactures within a 100K (ISO Class 8) clean room environment for certain medical products
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art white room


Electrical testing may include:

  • Continuity (4-wire Kelvin)
  • Insulation Resistance (IR)
  • Dielectric Withstand (Hi-Pot – AC or DC)
  • Components (Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors)
  • Twisted Pair verification

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